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公司性质:外资 公司行业:互联网 公司规模:500人以上

浏览数:159 收藏 Principal Software Engineer--ASP.NET MVC(该职位已截止)



You have a passion for high-quality, reliable and maintainable code. You’re comfortable working side by side with product managers, designers, and clients, making decisions together in order to quickly deliver valuable working software to clients and their users. You’re agile and retrospective, and not afraid to identify what we’re doing wrong so we can fix it, and what we're doing right so we can improve on it. Above all, you judge your success by the success of your team and the happiness of our customers.

Required Skills / Experiences
o8+ years of Software Development experience in a variety of programming languages
oStrong communication skills and interest in a pair-programming environment
oPassion for growing your skills, tackling interesting work and challenging problems
oBA/BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
oGood English skills


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