公司性质:外资 公司行业:制造 公司规模:500人以上

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 Take part in the products development - Develop software follow Autoliv Product Development Standard and Software development process and coding standard - Cooperate and exchange technical information with global software team - Conduct application layer project development according to customer specification requirements base on global platform - Give the technical support to other local Autoliv engineering group

 Give the technical support to the project, hardware, software validation and other functional team : - Participate in the product/project team meeting. - Take part in the product improvement (tooling improvement, tests sequence….) meeting


Experience in embedded software architecture design. Familiar with Microchip, memory and EEPROM management. - Ability of software architecture design, and experience of Enterprise Architecture is preferred - Experience of automotive communication protocols, like CAN, FlexRay and GMLAN preferred. - Experience of tool, like PTC, Doors, DaVinci Configurator, VectorCast is preferred. - Have hand on experience in using emulator, debugging, unit testing and integration testing. - Have basic hardware knowledge - Capable to handle Lab equipment, Oscilloscope, logic analyzer, multi-meter waveform generator, etc.

Skills in relationship and management / leadership required: - Be rigorous, autonomous and to manage the priorities - Be able to work in a small team with technicians/engineers - Ability to achieve objectives with little direct support and to report the advancement - Team spirit and self-motivated. - Have strong willing to learn

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