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公司性质:外资 公司行业:计算机服务 公司规模:500人以上

浏览数:405 收藏 Principal Engineer Manager(该职位已截止)



  • Build, grow and lead a team of 5-10 people to

Build experiences and tools to automate complex processes around developing Azure products.
Ensure that all these tools and experiences are monitored, healthy and highly reliable.
Satisfy the ongoing demand for new features on our products with the desired goals of publishing them out for external Azure customers!
Leverage and dogfood Azure services and external opensource tools into the design and development of our products!

  • Develop a deep technical understanding of our current tools and processes and play a leadership role in shaping up the future of these process and identifying the potential tooling required.

  • Engage with our opensource community!

  • Experience leading, building and growing a team of 5 or more engineers.

  • Ability to triage incoming services requests, prioritize, implement and iterate with customer for feedback.

  • The ability to multi-task while balancing short term and long-term needs is essential.

  • Minimum 8 years software development experience with a major programming languages like (C#, Java or Python).

  • Experience in Kubernetes or Terraform (Big Plus)

  • Node & React experience (Big Plus)

  • Strong experience with (Github or AzureDevops)

  • Experience with CI systems and bot frameworks (Big plus)

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software engineering.

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