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公司性质:外资 公司行业:计算机服务 公司规模:500人以上

浏览数:437 收藏 Software Engineer/Senior Software Engineer(该职位已截止)


You will be one of the key team members on the team driving service improvement across Bing, working with experienced service reliability engineers and influencing team on solving problems with power of design and coding. You will represent the Bing customer as you work with service owners to harden their services. You will be responsible for analyzing incident and alert data to provide insights about where to invest in service improvements. You will build and leverage an array of tools and drive the service improvement bar higher. You will work with other engineering teams to drive best practices into service architectures and Livesite processes. This position offers great career-growth potential as well as the impact and visibility across the entire Bing organization. Being at the very core of Bing engineering, it also offers great exposure to the latest software and hardware technology trends in the search industry.


1-5+ years of software development experience with proficiency in C# and SQL, Azure
Great problem solving and analytical skills with high intellectual horsepower
Self-motivated, exceptional attention to detail

Great team player across cultures, regions and tinezones
BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems and/or equivalent industry experience is preferred


1-3+years with web development such as JavaScript, Angular, MVC, WebAPI , AAD, OAuth2

Excellent communicator, capable of building and maintaining relationships with various Microsoft teams

Experience with design and implementation of large internet-facing services

Experience in any of the following areas is a plus: data mining, machine learning, statistics, service engineering, DevOps practice, service capacity management, service architecture, ITIL, ACP

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